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Luxury Apartments in Seattle, WA


Over a century ago, Scandinavian immigrants settled in a place that reminded them of home. Tall trees, deep water, productive fishing, unkind weather. And for generations, Ballard has served as the hub of this community, connecting maritime traditions to the feeling of purpose and action that continues to this day. With a view of Ballard’s history and a front door on the future, Ballard Yards settles seamlessly, perfectly in place.

Two women drinking pints outside at a brewery
A rendering of the Ballard Yards exterior entryway

Smart Styling and Elegant Finishes In the heart of Ballard's Harbor

A history of grit.

Hard working. Friendly. Welcoming. And ready to get down to business. That’s Ballard in a nutshell. Experience the soul of Ballard.

Rendering of a rooftop deck with outdoor seating at sunset
Partial view of the Ballard Yards building exterior at night
A man standing by an outdoor bar near a sign that says Open Late
A woman in sunglasses touching a red wall

WITH A NOD TO TRADITION, AND FEET FIRMLY POINTED TOWARD THE FUTURE, Ballard is the place that bridges and connects.